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APT European River Cruise

I was lucky enough to be invited by APT to cruise from Amsterdam to Nuremburg in March 2011, and I'm afraid became quite accustomed to the high life very quickly!
I flew with Emirates and arrived into Amsterdam a little worse for wear after doing my usual I have to watch all the movies in case they change of the way back trick, however was amazed by my experience in economy in the A380! Soon after arrival we were collected and dropped to our ship in time for the pre departure meeting. Not only was I the youngest in the room, I was also the only one asleep (and snoring ever so quietly), and the only one to have missed the tip on not shutting the cabin sliding door behind you when going out to the balcony. Thank goodness I have my mobile and could call someone to help! My sleep during this meeting however ensured I had many nannas on-board who were eager to look after me as a doting grandmother should for the duration of my cruise!
My time on the river was just like a dream, well maybe even better! So many romantic destinations visited, with so much history it astounded me- every town had its own story and each as interesting as the last. The cobblestone streets led me from cathedral to monument, bridge to bakery (did I give those bakeries some!). The castles so extravagant and the stories behind them so fascinating, or sordid _ both actually! Some areas visited also confronting, challenging your thoughts in warfare and freedom, particularly the touring we did around Nuremburg. I wanted for nothing in my cabin on-board the APT vessel and found the time amongst all the sightseeing to relax on my balcony and watch it all go by. I also managed to put on 3 kilos in a matter of days, the local delicacies and five course dinners proving impossible to not at least try!
All too soon the trip of a lifetime came to an end _ we said good bye to our new friends, some with tears in their eyes, mine too! We flew up the autobahn in our Mercedes people mover from Nuremburg, and flew home with Emirates out of Frankfurt. This is a trip I'll be telling my grandchildren about, to cruise the European waterways is a trip of a lifetime. I'm a staunch believer that there is not just one company to do this with, the sights along the way are the same. I've enjoyed helping my clients find the right cruise operator for them, and am thrilled when they come home as in love with Europe as me! I do also let them know about the old sliding door lock trick though!

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