New Zealand... Do I stay or do I go?!

The long awaited travel bubble over the Tasman has brought so much relief to separated families and tourism operators alike, but still presents itself as a bit of a Pandora’s box for them and everyone else!

I’ve had to look at this for clients a few times over the last fortnight thus pushing it to the top of blogworthy idea of the week. Let’s unpack this together!

Regardless of what the purpose of the travel is for the individual, I feel it’s wisest to look at this question in reverse. What do the implications look like for you in the worst case scenario? The personal situation between individuals travellers is rarely if ever the same, here's where you need the personal touch to your plans!

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ ruling for lockdowns, hotspots and border closures as there are so many players in the scenario, both Federal Governments and all Australian State and Territory leaders. Problematic yes, in your control- no. My best advice here is to use your Premiers history of action as a ruler for future possibilities. We’ve had a few closures of the borders between States and NZ since the bubble opened, thankfully short lived, well managed and widely communicated.

Whether you’re headed over to visit family, sightsee, ski or work it really boils down to two things for me.. how effectively could you manage your time and your budget if things went pear shaped with borders?

If you’re lucky enough to be staying with family I would think your extended costs may be minimal so it would be more about managing a longer time away. If you’re holidaying, your costs to stay longer are obviously going to be more, even higher again if you’re travelling during a peak season like ski. It’s important to have had this heart-to-heart with your bank statement before you go as you generally can’t claim these Covid19 scenario costs from travel insurance.

Time.. what impact might an unforeseen extended stay have on your home and work commitments if you couldn’t get home on the day planned? Would it be manageable or make this a no deal?

Quarantine costs here in Australia have been hefty to say the least. We can’t totally discount the chance of still having to sit in quarantine or self isolation if you’ve come home from a hotspot declared soon after you’ve left. The small closures of borders between NZ and Australian States indicate smaller well managed stoppages of travel as opposed to weeks of quarantine, so far that’s a great sign of cohesive management on both sides of the ditch.

I could write about as many scenarios as I could think of and be here for weeks but the answer to them all remains the same..

Given careful consideration of the risks involved, your budget and your personal time constraints in the event of a border closure- you are ALWAYS better off leaving the management of your plans with a trusted professional.. your travel agent!

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