One of many mentor lessons!

Honestly, I’m not sure how to start this blog other than saying ‘an article my mentor sent me made me do this’!

I’d mentioned to him when we last spoke that I’d lost some motivation to write. Even before that conversation we’d spoken about blogging in an experiential way.. but other than a short Byron Bay and surrounds trip a little while ago in between all this Covid circus, I wasn't sure what I felt experiential about exactly?

I never have, or will, write about experiencing something I actually haven’t done myself. So I’m going to dig up some travel memories for a later date, but for now, back to that article!

In it, Layne Beachley says if we don’t feel motivated and like we can complete something to the best of our ability, we don’t try (massive bells ringing in my head). She also mentions we might try coffee, or motivation boards.. to no avail (my inner self secretly nodding and wondering if she spelt wine wrong).

Layne then goes on to say..

“If we wait for motivation, it may never come. By choosing discipline, we give ourselves the power to create results of our own. Discipline thrives on honesty and authenticity. With discipline, you can allow yourself to dislike a task, and commit to doing it anyway. “

Layne Beachley, and my insanely intelligent and Nobel Peace Prize deserving mentor are right.

Disclaimer; I did mention to my mentor that I would put myself under disciplinary action this week if I did not blog, so in keeping to my word.. and my authenticity, this is my experiential blog! So here I am, unfiltered!

With the Covid situation in Sydney, this week has seen me cancel more bookings than I’ve made. But you know what, I’m TOTALLY comfortable with that. I’m not going to throw shade at Premiers, I’m not going to dole out unsolicited vaccination advice.. I’m absolutely choosing to support my clients make the decisions THEY are most comfortable with and I’m going to do it with a smile.

This week I said farewell to one of my three additional part time jobs, with another to go in early August. I’m incredibly grateful for the income support provided and skills expanded- but it’s time for routine and family time to start to look like it once did!

I have the best accountant in the world who has continued to offer me as much work as I would like to see me through till the international borders open. This allows me to earn a dependable wage and still be a travel agent. All the while she wears me down into becoming Xero proficient as opposed to turning up at her desk every quarter with a Contiki tote bag full of receipts!

Im still loving my new private office space and it’s proving an oasis for more people than just me! My inner self cartwheels every time I see a client in my ‘lady cave’ and they see and applaud my vision.

My local still sells my favourite red wine which is a blend from Brokenwood in the Hunter Valley called ‘Cricket Pitch’. This was the vineyard I fell in love with red wine at.. and boy does it hit the spot on a Covid Cancellation heavy week! Note; AMAZING tasting experiences here, let me know if you’re interested- I have wonderful Vineyard contacts right throughout Australian wineries.

My husband won a wonderful regional training award, we are so proud of him. It was a great event, especially seeing the Gomeroi Dance company for the first time. One of my clients also won an award which was wonderful to see but to also see the dynamics of my husbands supportive work crew in play was equally amazing. I almost missed it as a person who has worked physically alone for the last five or so years!

And last but not least.. my recent experiential travel experience involves not one single plane or hotel, but a wholesome lot of love! I recently took my children to the snow that fell not far from here, with one of my daughters friends who was seeing snow for the very first time. Between seeing her first time snow wonder and visiting a friend in the same region on a phone signal free farm for a horse ride, collecting kindling by the creek and a yarn by the fire.. I couldn’t have had a more fulfilling time away from home if I tried!

I’m absolutely sure this wasn’t what my mentor meant when he wanted me to write experientially.. but I turned up as promised, disciplined and authentic! From now till i blog again (about experiential travel I have personally experienced!), take care and stay safe.. we will eventually travel again!

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