Regional business awards.. the results are in!

This week was not the week I had planned to have - but it was always going to end in attending the Business NSW Regional Business Awards!

To be clear, I enjoy the experience of these and other awards- the recognition and the networking it brings, but I NEVER go expecting to win. I'm happy just to be there. I've always been pleased with my performance on a local level at the annual Tamworth Business Awards, but I was really happy to make it that one step further for the NSW Regional Awards.

This week threw a few spanners into the scheduling, and after another busy week with other paid work and seeing a record number of faces in my new office - I finally sat down to watch the Regional awards online from home, as the school my eldest two kids attend has been closed due to a covid case. So the attendance was really not quite the same, but quite the saving on and the list rolls on (silver linings!)

Whilst the awards started, I admittedly did slip into octopus Mum mode while watching in my usual habitat and started unpacking the dishwasher.. put some washing on.. telling myself if I did happen to need to make a speech I'd be able to wing it well (anyone who knows me personally knows I dont do structured performances and winging it authentically is how I roll). But as the Zoom gathered speed, I needed to actually sit and watch- in absolute AWE of the amazing business's from right across the New England and North West region, the crowd was phenomenal!

Then I was actually really proud of myself, not only has my business survived this covid beast - it's thrived! And here I am sitting in the same room as all these business people who have done same from the region.

But did I win - no! And thats so ok- the lady who won the Microbusiness section then went on the win the whole thing. An amazing example of how just one person in business can actually do it! Do yourself a favour and look up Penny Crawford from Crawfords Boots - what a story! Best of luck to her at the State Business Awards!

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