The best WhatsApp message... EVER!

It’s no surprise that having the privilege of still being a travel agent isn’t the same game it used to be.

Flying someone from London to Sydney was such a simple task.. and the process was quick for the skilled and in most cases part of a trip of a lifetime. I miss those days but I know they will return!

Much earlier this year I was referred by an ex travel agent to help get another stranded Aussie home. Every travel agent knows this isn’t the same task it used to be, and she understands the situation we find ourselves in is past the capabilities of faceless online retailers. 

And boy what a journey!

Together we scanned reputable airline options, fare types, covid cancellation rules, routes, possible areas of concern, visa rules.. the list went on and we settled on an option.

Then the carrier cancelled all flights on that route for the foreseeable future.

So then we started again with scanning reputable airlines, fare types, costs, cancellation penalties, routes, infection rates in transit countries, what happens with extended visas if this happens again.. and managing long awaited refund from airline a to put towards the cost of fare for airline b.. which was of course more. 

With some inside knowledge from some contacts in aviation.. constantly rechecking flight status petrified of being bumped.. filling in government forms, nervously waiting pcr test results in order to board.. and staying in touch with my client while checking in on the other side of the planet- we got another Aussie home!! 

And just to explain the gravity of the situation and how lucky these travellers are to get home… there were ELEVEN people on the flight… ELEVEN!!!!!

I’m so grateful to still be in a position to share my skills and help fellow Aussies get home.. i must say the best WhatsApp message ever received brought a little patriotic tear to my eye! 

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