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Travel Agents get to go Everywhere for Free

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this in my career, I'd probably have about $346.50! I'm pretty sure it's a common phrase airline attendants (very pc of me!) hear and I bet we share the urge to groan internally! But I totally get where you are coming from, you see the pictures of us flitting across the globe, trying to perfect a 'jump shot' on a stunningly white sandy beach or whatever they call those plate pictures now days of fancy food at sponsored dinners at 5 star hotels.. and you're right, there are some bloody amazing perks in the travel industry!
But like most things in life, there's a catch!
Now I'm only going to use myself as the example here as it's not mandatory for consultants to have it in this industry, but I studied- hard, as a fledgling consultant to get to where I was going, and have the International certificate to prove it. In fact I still each and every week constantly update my product knowledge with Webinars offered almost daily by our head office product gurus and training programs offered by travel companies. I attend industry nights I feel offer education, go and inspect cruise ships docked in Newcastle and travel to Sydney to sharpen my skills in the exclusive Virtuoso product. Why do I do this, because absolutely nothing in this industry stays the same, it is constantly changing and if you don't stay up to date you're out of the game quite frankly!
I read trade publications weekly, regularly engage with consultants I consider mentors and stay in touch with product reps I have had a great rapport with over the years.
While I'm trying to find the best price for a tricky flight routing, I'm doing up someone else's dream holiday documents while I'm on hold to a wholesaler completing a quote. When we talk about travel insurance I offer you more than one option while we confirm your strict dietary requirements on your flight and arrange that impossible airport transfer so that you don't have to take a child seat. I'm taking your call at 2am to deal with the airline whose cancelled your flight and left you stranded. I'm that shoulder when the trip needs to be cancelled for some of the most horrific reasons it breaks my heart.. I'm sure you see where I am going with this, it's not all glamorous!
Nine times out of ten there is a participation fee to go on these trips, no it's not what you would pay normally- but still comes from my bottom line. Then there's the time away from the desk, again MTA head office to the rescue! A team of gifted consultants at head office work hard for my clients while I'm away. Time away from the family never.. gets.. easier.
I love that MTA call these trips away, Study Trips- as to me now I'm a business owner, that's exactly what they are! The money it costs me, plus the time away from my desk and my family is actually an investment in you, my clients. My learned experiences while touring somewhere new and gained product knowledge can only mean good things for all of us, right?!
Yes I saw the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal last week, but I also worked my butt off for my clients who I value very dearly, so I can in turn bring to you the best service I can possibly give!

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