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Travel is personal.. and so is the booking process!

For years I have been crafting personalised itineraries covering the world, and often from my home, the clients or a spot we both like the coffee! While that was great and certainly suited having a young family at the time- this damned Covid pandemic has shown a silver lining.. and that for me has been time.

Time to move into a beautiful and boutique space in the Tamworth CBD, where clients can come and enjoy the privacy I offer while we look at the options and hatch out some holiday plans together. Close enough to Tamworth CBD it's never far out of your way but far enough away from parking meters and traffic lights!

The space is uniquely me, and those who know me well are aware of my love of all things travel and kitsch.. I have been overwhelmed by the compliments I have already received from clients who have visited my space and enjoyed the privacy and authenticity just being here offers. I cant wait to welcome those clients who have not already visited!

I'm available by appointment only in the suite which allows clients with bookings to know when they are here, they aren't competing with ringing phones and customers in and out of the door- its just you, me and your ticket to the world!

If you haven't any plans to arrange at this stage but would love to get a feel for what the space is about- why not check out my refreshed website and stay in touch while I get back on the blog writing band wagon.. so many ideas and thoughts to share as the world of travel will inevitably change!

Otherwise, lets make a appointment and see you at Suite 6/121 Carthage Street, Tamworth!

Lou x

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