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What's in a Travel Agents Bag?

Well I am off on my study trip today to explore Beijing on my way to some bucket list sights in India and as per usual- haven't finished packing! Admittedly, I am more organised this trip than I normally am, I actually have shopped for everything I need yesterday - I just need to get it in my bag!
While I was unpacking my goodies I thought about all the times have been asked before 'what do I pack'?! I thought I would share the little goodies I pack and if you have some ideas of the essentials I am missing I would LOVE to hear them!
So the biggest question I get are about clothes! I actually am uncomfortable fielding this question sometimes because we are all so varied in taste! I say, wear what's comfortable, but remember flat shoes for the airport (always!), take a jumper/cardi for the flight as the aircon can get cold- socks too. Have a look at what the weather has been doing before departure, any guide book can give you general advice, but lets face it, how reliable is the weather these days! Co-ordinate your outfits and think about taking items that match with a few other items in your bag. Think your black/beige/whites, think about how you can dress up a casual outfit with a few bright pieces. Most importantly though, be aware of the cultural differences in the places you are going. Yes your butt might look amazing in those hot pants but are they appropriate? Am I going to temples and need to cover my knees, shoulders etc. Yes that statement tee is hilarious in Australia, but might it be offensive where you are off to?
Ok, so onto my go-to bag items for my trip, keeping in mind I am heading third world for part of this trip.
What you will find in my carry on:
- Neck pillow; I normally HATE carting these around but the blow up ones don't cut it. This trip is an all night flight so I am going to need it! The eye thing too (is it called a pillow, name escapes me currently, but if it is, WHY?!) - Ipad; not only for entertainment but it's how I stay in touch with my lovely clients while travelling - Roll on deodorant; because no one likes breathing the spray in! - Hand sanitiser and wipes; because I have a 'thing' with germs on the plane. - Lip and face moisturiser; why get on the aircraft looking 28 but get off 58?! The air con WILL dry out your skin I get on top of that! Don't forget to drink plenty of water. - Headache tablets and natural sleep tablets; kept in original packaging of course. - Chewing gum; for takeoff and landing. Also because I flat out refuse to get my toothbrush out on an aircraft toilet (germy germy air in there!). Sometimes even for that person talking next to me, which also covers the head phones. I have sat next to too many talkers in my life, after we need to pack up the onboard entertainment! - All my liquids of course under 100mls and packed separately in a sandwich bag! - I take a spare phone with me too, incase I lose one (the last phone you owned probably has most the contacts in it you need too)
And in my checked bag (keeping in mind where I am off to):
- BPA free water bottle - My favourite foundation (I can't operate without it!) - Scarves (for temple visits) - Roll on perfume for easy and discreet application in stinking hot conditions - Bug spray - Gastro stop - Vomit tablets - Multivitamins - More sanitiser - More wipes! - More panadol (see how I don't need to find it in a foreign country if I need it in a hurry!) - Little first aid kit (which I used to laugh at one of my early days mentors for doing!) - Tissues - Spray on sunscreen - Mini toothpaste - Shampoo and conditioner in the screw top bags - Flats for all the walking - My lavender pillow spray (smells like home!) - International power converter with a power board (still to go in my bag so I can charge my phone and straighten my hair at the same time!)
Seeing as the packing is still in process - feel free to share your ideas with me and others!
Looking forward to sharing all my experiences with you!

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